My husband walked into Shana’s studio so locked up he could barely move. Shana worked with him through very gentle yoga, and within half an hour, there was noticeable improvement. Shana knows her trade and shares it in such a natural, nurturing way that you feel more like you just left a high dollar spa than an exercise class. If you haven’t visited Central Street Yoga yet, check them out. It’s still a bit of a secret, but it won’t be for long.

-Jennifer H.

A year ago I decided to explore Yoga but with a more meditative approach with whole body-type stretches. I only found a couple of yoga studios which offered this type of yoga. But I was attracted to Namaskar Studio and specifically Shana Marie Stitzel. I tried her Mindful and Restorative classes and this was exactly what I had been looking for. For almost a year now I have been a loyal student benefitting from her unique style where she connects with the class participants and decides what they need that day; no class is the same, as a result, which is so wonderful and beneficial. She has now created her own yoga studio in Evanston – Central Street Yoga.
Shana is an exceptional person. She has a gift, a 6th sense, for connecting with people’s energy and needs — she modifies the positions and movements according to what she feels from the class. She has such a positive energy and she connects with you in a way which makes you feel that you’re special (as we really are). As a result I looked forward to participating in her classes and have made yoga a regular part of my life. I have been enriched by her knowledge and love of yoga and helping others. She has been an integral part of my spiritual journey and I will always be indebted to her positive energy, light and love!
Shana has an inner radiance and a smile that glows from deep within her heart. Yoga is the conduit through which she shares her love for others and her deep desire to help them help themselves to live healthier & happier lives. I have a term which I use after my yoga practice with her (which she laughs at) – I tell her that I’ve been “Shana-ized”!!! I feel connected to my inner self, relaxed and at peace.
Thank you Shana!!

-Burt F.

Shana is without-a-doubt one of the most hands-on, insightful, and dedicated teachers I’ve ever known. She always pushes me to discover something new and often unknown. This new studio will be a beacon for great things both within chicago and the greater yoga community. I’m very excited for her.

-Avi S.

This review is for Shana, who is my favorite yoga instructor of all time. And I am not just saying that. I have been doing yoga for almost 10 years and I’ve met many wonderful and dedicated instructors along the way. Among them, Shana still stands out.
Shana is an incredible person, exuding positivity, kindness and high spirit. Her personality is translated through her teaching technique and approach in class. She is vigilant of everyone, making sure that all students receive the proper guidance and encouragement. The classes are dynamic and the energy in the room is always uplifting, yet peaceful.
If you are new to yoga, or a seasoned practitioner, I highly recommend you to attend a class with Shana. Your mind and body will thank you.

-Victoria N.

I am completely blown away by how natural teaching is for Shana. Her calm voice is so soothing, her sequences are always so intuitive, and she is always completely aligned and in tune with each person in her class.

Even when there’s 20 people in a class, everyone feels like Shana is giving them her attention and care.

I’m no where near a great yogi, but Shana definitely inspires me to do my best.

Richard S.

Shana is by far the most gifted, compassionate and dedicated yoga teacher in the area.

Her passion for nurturing and inspiring people has culminated in this space. The gift she carries is unique, and she is the quintessential teacher: always a student, and always eager to share what she learns. As she pushes her own practice “ceiling” higher every day, she raises the “floor” for us, her students.

I could not recommend her teaching highly enough. Come and be transformed!

-Amie A.

Can I just say that I have had the pleasure of practicing yoga with Shana for about two years now. My STRONG recommendation is to RUN not walk to her practice, if you can. Every class is different, restorative, challenging to the hilt, but in the best way possible. I’m hooked, addicted and a TOTAL devotee; in the spirit of sharing the wealth, I want you all to know and experience this WONDERFUL practitioner!

-Maria R.

Central Street Yoga 2016