Our Story

Central Street Yoga was the blossoming of a seed planted several years ago by now studio owner, Shana Stitzel. The where, how, and when swirled on the proverbial cosmic back-burner of life for several years as Shana and her husband Rich juggled extremely busy & complex schedules as two self-employed creatives with two teenage daughters. Happy in the lives they created, but approaching the next phase of schooling for their daughter’s high school life, Shana and Rich found their sites aiming at their favorite Chicago suburb of Evanston.

As most wondrous events occur, it was literally a blink of an eye that switched their reality of a Chicago beach-front lifestyle to a cozy home in their favorite Evanston neighborhood in the Central Street District. Poised for their daughter’s new school, and very excited for the local surroundings of their new home were enough to keep them visiting the shops and working from the cafe’s all day long even though the move wasn’t for a few more weeks…

On one of their walks around the quaint shops on Central Street they happened to notice a store front for rent that only days earlier was brimming with antiques from a previous tenant. Feeling inspired and confident, Rich called the number on the door and spoke to the owner. In less than 30 minutes Shana and Rich stood in the open space and fell in love immediately. Only a week later they signed the lease and created Central Street Yoga. Now the true adventure begins as the creation of this new studio begins to take place. As we write this page of the website, we are 6 weeks from opening our doors and couldn’t be more excited to work everyday towards the opening.

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Thanks for reading! We look forward to seeing you at a class soon!

Central Street Yoga 2016